Editing technique

Some editing techniques can be handled in the actual editing. Consider the basic techniques of jump cat, match cut, and cut away.  The last requires some forethought.

Many editing techniques have to be actually planned in the shots you get.  Consider the crosscutting and cut-aways in Bertollucci’s Beieiged.

In fact Besieged (available in the library) is an excellent film to study for cinematographic models.  After watching the film once for the story, study match cuts, cross cuts, cut aways, jump cuts and montage jump cuts:

Match cuts:

Watch this clip from La Haine (Mathieu Kassovitz, 1995) and consider the variety of shots and angles, including the combination dolly-zoom at the end:

Consider the handling of this scene in 28 days later, where Danny Boyle and Anthony Dod Mantle had to clear city streets to get this sequence.

Or how Wang Kar Wai shoots key scenes in Fallen Angels:

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