Preparing your video for upload (Vimeo or Youtube)

For FinalCutPro

Step 1: file menu>export master (full version) of your movie:  eg: EXPORT Quicktime movie (use current settings)

Step 2: Open Mpeg Streamclip and drag your .mov into the little window

Step 3: Export mpeg4 (mp4), choose H.264 codec. drag slider to full quality, click in box to limit data rate (5000 kps), note what you call your movie and where you save it.

Step 4 go to (create an account if you don’t already have one), click UPLOAD, find your movie and upload to Vimeo

For Adobe Premiere Pro:

Step 1: file menu>export Media

Step 2: choose H.264 as the codec, then scroll down and there is a preset for VimeoHD in the button below

Skip to Step 4 above

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